8 random things about me

 I'm not much of a sharer. I mean I seldom talk about myself in a deeper sense in this blog and actually even in real life. I don't know maybe because I grew up this way? or maybe I'm just not the type of person who blunts out everything I feel or everything about me. But since we've been together for years now, I was thinking why not share tiny random details about me that I'm sure none of you and even my close friends know (I only have a few btw).  So here it goes..

- Michelle Phan is the bae
She's like a role model figure to me. Her positivity is just so overwhelming in the sense that she makes me really calm. By just listening to her soothing voice, it's like meditation. Not to mention her story of success is just amazing! She is a perfect epitome of an empowered woman. And i'm dying to get even a single item from her makeup brand EM and also her book!

- I super love Scifi -action movies! 
I don't know why but I just love how it brings me to a totally different world! I love the Avatar, X-Men, Jupiter Ascending , The Matrix  many many more! I also love dystopian themed movies like Hunger games, Maze Runner and Divergent. It seems like whenever I watch these types of movies, my imagination goes wild and crazy!

- I hate tangled wires
I easily get pissed with tangled phone chargers, headsets, jewelries and things that seem to be inseparable when they're not supposed to. You know what I mean?

- I sleep at 1am everyday
I know it's not good! i know,i know.. but I just couldn't help it. Whatever I do my body and mind won't cooperate. Even if I lay down as early as 9pm, I'm just gonna twirl around my bed finding the right position to sleep. My brain and eyes won't just get tired. But I'm trying guys.. If you have any tips and suggestions please let me know!

- I'm an Eyeliner girl
When it comes to makeup, one thing I always focus is the eye makeup. And my favorite part of it is not the colors and eyeshadow, it's the eye liner that I'm excited about. I think eyeliner plays a big role in makeup because it could totally transform a look! I can be edgy, formal, crisp and even doll like any time I want in just a single stroke. 

-Not the super girly-kikay type
Yes! I'm not the pink girl that most girls are! well I guess before.. but now I seldom like bright colors and stuff (except for room decor) because I always go for monochromatic combination like black & white, gold and silver and other neutral color combination.

-Coffee frappes are my thing
I have this thing about coffee flavored frappes! I rarely drink hot coffee but if when it comes to iced coffee and most especially frappe, i'd definitely grab one. 

- I admire Dr. Myron Wentz
In case you don't know him, well.. he's a genius (maybe second to Einstein)! and a very genuine man. He's the founder of the world renowned cellular nutrition supplement - USANA. You definitely have to search him over Google or Youtube and get ready to be blown away! 

See you on my next post!
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  1. I'd also go for monochromatic colors when it comes to clothing. I guess it comes with growing old. :p Thanks for always dropping by my blog. :)

    XO, Mish


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