Beauty Review : BornprettyStore Foundation Brushes

I almost forgot I had packages to pick at the post office! good thing I reviewed my gmail and I saw that I had pending reviews. Super happy that I already have these babies!!! If you've been reading my blog, you probably know now that I prefer to use my fingers than brushes when I put some makeup. And that's because I'm super lazy to clean each of them. But still, I get super attracted to makeup brushes! and I feel like the arrival of these brushes tells me that I now have to use them hahahaha! Since I now have quite ample of brushes that I can use alternately, I think I might be using them anytime soon.. *wink
Got these babies from my super trusted BornprettyStore. I never had any problem since my first transaction with them and they never failed to impress me. Thanks again and again to team Bornpretty!

It didn't have any box or container. It was actually inside a plastic covered with bubble wrap all over. Although the packaging was a bit off, the brushes came in super good condition so I don't really have anything to complain.

I didn't notice any smell at all! love these babies didn't came with the usual plastic-new smell. You know what I mean?

 Angled Foundation Brush 

Tapered Foundation Brush

Quality & Application
 Quality doesn't really always shows from the price because though these brushes are way cheap, the bristles are so soft! just like the branded brushes.  I might do a review on Youtube so I can show you how these babies blend foundation well.

So cheap! I got these both babies for less than $10. Go check Bornprettystore and you'll be blown away! Also, use my code ROSEH10 and get 10% discount!


  1. The bristles look really soft and I can just imagine the feel of it :) And for less than $10?! YES PLEASE!

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