What To Do When You're Bored

Hi guys! I am officially free from all the hassle and busy loads of school work because it's officially summer vacation! I have so many plans for the next 2 months and as much as possible I'd like to be productive especially in my Usana business and online shop. But vacation as it is, we can never really tell how we will be preoccupied with things we wanna do and I am so sure that no matter how I want my day to be productive, there will always be days where I won't have anything to do! In fact as early as now, as the vacation kicks of , I still am planning things for the next days so currently I'm just lying down in my bed cuddling while watching youtube videos.  
And so in days like these when I'm bored and I don't have anything on my list of TO DO's I make most out of the time for myself. For ME TIME, I have a list of things that I want/might do. A couple of these things are the following:

*Get your nails done
It's the perfect time to give your nails some love by putting some colors to it! time to juice out your inner creativity! now, if you happen to be a first timer with this thing, don't worry because there are lots of videos all over internet that could help you step by step in the process.

* Go Over Youtube
Again, I am an addict with lifestyle/fashion/beauty gurus over youtube! And in summer vacation, I always find time to check my favorite youtube gurus. I love to see fun videos where I don't just get entertained but also learn something. And I know, you have to admit that I'm not the only doing this!

*Watch movies and series
I'd also love to catch up with movies and series I missed while I was busy with school. I have so much on my watch list actually and i'm not even sure if I'll be able to finish watching them all! So go ahead and list everything you wanna watch and start downloading all of them!

*Cover your favorite song
I can't tell how many songs are in your playlist but I'm definitely sure you memorized almost all of them in every single lyric. But if not, google got your back! so common! it's time to voice out your emotion and hone your vocal powers! record a song in however you want; phone recorder, video camera,etc. I do this almost all the time actually.

*Practice your skills
Make the most out of your time by practicing your makeup skills! Master the art of eyeliner by simply doing it over and over! experiment with different makeup looks! not only you'll learn a lot but it will surely be fun... and, don't forget to take some selfies! 

*Eat Ice Cream
And because it's summer and it's getting hotter and hotter, its a must to eat something cold and delicious! and I tell you, its the perfect time to eat ice cream!

*Try Fancy Cooking
It's time to get fancy in cooking this summer vacation. Not only you'll learn something new but also, I'm pretty sure you'll have lots of fun! and full stomach too! For me, I'd love to explore making easy healthy food options this summer!

Off course, more blogging time!! :) I'd love to give you good content. Something interesting and worth the time of reading! I hope you're enjoying my blog as you're reading this and I hope you'll learn something! And if you haven't tried blogging yet, then I guess it's the right time to explore your talent in writing and who knows?? maybe you're born to be a blogger after all!

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