Beauty Review: KKCenterHk Makeup Products

Hello there! I'm back with another beauty review and this time they're from KkCenterHk. I have been really waiting for these package for months and thank God the postman finally found this. I really thought its lost and I even didn't bothered to annoy the post office after a couple of attempts to try to look for it myself. But anyways, its here and got them in my hands now so might as well be thankful. At least.

I'm gonna be reviewing them in one single post just because they all contribute to one final product photo. They all resemble the make up around the eye area so might as well make an all in one review right?

So to kick it off...
I got this Jojo Makeup in Color Riche Palette from KkCenterHk  that comes with three lovely eyeshadows and two eyebrow powder with a double ended applicator for both uses. 
It is super tiny and very small that is great for travel. It has a pretty durable black case for protection and I love that the eyeshadow and eye brow powder came in a single tiny palette. Its super handy and it even has an applicator for much ease. Great for travel indeed!

Swatches under different light conditions..

 Pigment & Texture:
At first glance, the eye shadows look super sparkly and I really thought I couldn't use for work. But when I tried it, it isn't that sparkly after all. Just quite shimmery. It has soft creamy texture but its actually quite sheer when applied on the lid and even more sheer when blended. There were also traces of fall outs but very manageable. The sheerness of the eyeshadows were okay to me, at least they aren't too bright and bold that I can use it for work. The shades in this palette are quite very feminine and soft. I love it.

Then for the eyebrow powder: I love the shade that I chose because its so close to my natural hair's color and it just matches it pretty well. It has pretty good color pay off and lasts all day.

The eyeshadows were easy to apply.It colors well and blends pretty well too. As for the eyebrow powders, I got no problems at all. Its good.


Let's move on the eyeliner.
KkCenterHk also sent me this cute tiny Pink Landbis Easy Liquid Eyeliner. 

The packaging is super fancy and I so like the fact that it has a small peek a boo in front for the eyeliner to show up. I love how small it is that it can fit in my small make up kit that I carry to work. Its super handy and so pink! very adorable.

I couldn't understand what's written in the back but most probably its a brief tutorial on how to use the eyeliner. Maybe.

Color Intensity & Application
It has a tiny little tip that is so good if you are for precision and angles. Color is also good but the tip tends to dry out easily when opened from the cap. Quite time consuming to apply because I had to tap the eyeliner every now and then to squeeze the product out.
One thing I always make sure about my eyeliners? they should not smudge. I tried an eyeliner before and it smudged all over my eyes I looked like a panda and it was a disaster! Lesson learned for me.
Good thing this Landbis Liquid Eyeliner is smudge-free. I had it on overnight when I had my night shift and it was squeaky clean even after some nap in between.

 And for the result..
Before photos; these are totally mug shots but please don't laugh at me.

After Photos; see the huge difference an eye make up does? :)

For work, I prefer to have natural looking look rather than having too dramatic eye make up. With the eyeshadow palette, I used small amount of it and as you can see its a bit sheer but I like it that way though. It looks romantic with its color combination. And that's how I usually do my eye make up. Simple and crisp.
Thanks KkCenterHk for sending me these awesome stuffs! Love 'em to bits!

Hope you like this quite long review.
Have a great day!


  1. i'm loving the palette! so elegant :) also, that eyeliner looks amazing! i must try it :)))
    have a blessed week ate em!~

    xoxo, rae


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