What's inside my bag

Hello guys! So I'm back with another post for my 30 Days Challenge that for sure will take me years to finish. I'm still on the 16th entry. Imagine how long did it take me to make the 15 entries out of the 30? 2 years! lol 
Well, can't do anything with that so let's move on to the topic.
The things I have inside this huge tote bag (from Rosegal) are basically work essentials such as make up kit, pens and notebook, phone, chargers, umbrella and etc. I made a video so you can have a peek of what's inside. Sorry btw for the poor quality and angles. I'm no expert in video editing nor filming and I made it by myself so sorry in advance for the shaky video. But thumbs up for the effort! *everyone claps

Have a niiiiice day!


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