May Insta Snaps

Life has been pretty good lately. Though I wasn't able to blog about myself the past weeks, my Instagram has all the records of it. If you follow my IG then you might know I have spent an awesome day at Camotes, an awesome company outing at Mactan, enticing yoga days and a lot more! Anyway, here's a recap of how was my life through these Insta snaps :)

*First row: Just random selfies
* Jump shot at Camotes' Santiago Beach, another selfie moment lol, little red dress I wore at a friend's wedding.
*Obligatory after-yoga photo, first summer beach encounter during the company outing at Mactan, awesome silhouette shot at Camotes bay with friends.
*Yummy foods! Devil's Chocolate Sandwich from Acafe, Carbonarra from Amo's Cafe, and Oozing (literally) chocolate crepe.
*Two lovely sunnies, arm party and cream concealer palette all from Romwe!

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By the way, welcome to my new domain! :)
Decided to name the blog by my name but still sticking to LoveandElegance theme and details.
Its a new domain which means my blog is starting from scratch. yeah, its pretty hard to start over again but there are really things that gets better with change and I hope my blog comes along with it. aye?!

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