Beauty Review: Romwe Cream Concealer Palette

Ever since school days, I haven't got enough sleep because of so much projects, activities, etc and now well, just chitchatting, overnight movie marathon and whole lot more; these factors made my major beauty problem by now, my dark under eye circles.

I can't leave the house without concealer. Its a staple in my make up kit. It's like everyone's looking at me thinking that maybe they're stabbing behind my back because I almost look like zombified with my eyebags. I feel unconscious and somewhat naked without concealer. I have been in search for a perfect concealer that I can really rely on giving enough coverage while still looking natural once applied. I hate concealers that sticks to the fine lines. They're the worst, ever! Right now, I am using F21 concealer and I can say, it's pretty much good and I'm satisfied with my purchase.

But I am currently trying this Cream Concealer Palette from Romwe that I got just recently in the mail. I have been really eyeing for a concealer palette that I can mix and try on. I've seen Youtube Gurus who use concealers in a lot of ways, not only to conceal but also to highlight and as well as contour. So the moment I saw this available on Romwe, I immediately purchased and tried it on when I got it on hand. Together with the palette, was also the stippling brush that I purchased from Romwe too. I also really wanted to have this stippling brush too because of a lot of good feedbacks with it so I also bought one to try. 
Its plain black, nothing fancy at all but I got no problem with that. The case isn't that sturdy but can still provide enough protection with the product.
The Stippling brush was so good. It's soft and glides easily during the application!

Color pay off is a bit disappointing but well, I can't really tell yet if to compare with other brands since I haven't tried other brands yet. But I am quite not satisfied.

No distinct smell *wink*
For cool undertones
For warm undertones
It has creamy texture which by the way I didn't knew when I put it in the cart. But well, its okay because it kinda' gives easy application and kind of good for my combination skin type because it's not too dry nor too watery. 

Without the concealer.
With the concealer. See? my face looks better without it!

Since its cream, it applies really easy on my skin so I won't be patting too much on my delicate under eye circles. I mostly just use my ring fingers when I apply concealers but a brush is also a good way too. I just rub my finger and get enough of the product. I just add more when I need to but mostly one application is enough. One thing I like about this is it has 15 shades to choose from. Each has unique type of usage depending upon where the shade is better to be used. But the problem is, it doesn't give good coverage. Once you pat the product it just gives sheer coverage plus it looks so greasy. I tried to finish it off with powder to matiffy but the result is just so unacceptable. I looked like I sweat a lot from the gym. Too greasy.  This product tends to melt so what I do whenever I know I will be under the sun for too long is I top it with a stick concealer or not use it at all. This product once applied actually looks greasy which I hate the most.

I bought this at Romwe for alomst $13 including shipping. Was it a steal?no.

The coverage is bad because it tends to melt whenever its hot. Price wise is okay for me. Should I recommend it? Maybe no.

Good luck!


  1. too bad it melts. it looks amazing pa naman. sayang. :\
    but with a super hot weather, i really think that we need good make-up na hindi nag-memelt :)

    xoxo, rae


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