Camotes Day Tour

Hey guys! I am totally excited to share with you our day trip to Camotes last week with friends :) It was tiring but super fun! I had a lot of good memories to the beautiful island. The pristine crystal waters, fine white sand and the whole lovely nature vibe it gave. 

Camotes from Cebu City is approximately a four hour travel by bus and ferry. We left the city around 6am by bus and reached Danao at 8am. From there, we took 2 hours in the ferry going to Camotes.  It was quite a long drive but all worth it.

With my travel buddies :)

This is view that welcomed us the moment we stepped on their port. Breathtaking. 
Camotes has simple way of living. There aren't malls nor department stores. Just sari-sari stores and small outlets which I love. The place brings wonderful scenery, calm and peaceful surrounding I have been longing for.

We stopped by a mini burger/snack station to feed ourselves before hitting the tour.

First stop? Timubo Cave! 
Fun fact: the cave was discovered when a cow was stucked in its small entrance. By then, people came and loved the small pool section underneath the small cave. Now, tourists pay 20php for the entrance and despite that, still a lot of people are surprisingly enjoying its waters underneath. 
Just look at my happy face there. hahaha

See? there are a lot of people when we got there. But the moment we stepped in the waters, they cleared the way for the The water gets 6ft high from 5ft during high tides.

After the cave adventure, we went next to a small island that Art was raving about. She was telling us that it was her favorite spot in the island.
Selfie :)
Striking the famous Kryz Uy pose on our way to the islet. A friend of mine told me I looked like doing Darna's pose. lol EPIC FAIL
 The enticing crystal blue waters on our way to the islet. It makes me wanna jump right there!!!
So this is what she was raving about. Indeed, it was beautiful. The water is so clear, super salty and amaaazing! I hope we have this cool sea water close at home!

Next stop was another of Art's favorite spot. By the way, Art is somewhat from Camotes so she was our tour guide the whole trip. She also shouldered our accommodation. Thumbs up! :)
Epic fail jump shots. lol 
Panoramic view of the place. I love the sand here. Super fine and I love the way it shores the sea? lol *tama ba?  I love shores. In fact, I hate resorts without shores and bay because it just doesn't seem right.
Swim swim swim! 

Off we go to Lake Danao Park :)
I wanted to try kyak but we were on a hurry so I passed the chance.

After that, we proceed to their famous Santiago Bay. Santiago Bay is a public beach area which is the most famous in the island. We arrived there pretty late so we haven't been able to swim. Instead, we had our seafood dinner :)
 Goofing around with Sheila.
Summer isn't complete without a sip of this so awesome and fresh buco juice! :)


At last, jump shots!
I'm busy. lol

And dinner is served! :))
Pang FB prof

After an awesome wholeday trip. Last stop was their Baywalk. 

It was super tiring! under the scorching heat of the sun and all but everything just seems to wave away once you hit their crystal waters :) The following day was spent resting at Art's crib.

Its very hard to squeeze a lot of amazing shots into this post. Btw, sorry if I bombarded you with heavy photos. Trust me, this aren't half of the shots we got!
Hopefully more travel adventures soon! :))



  1. nice adventure right there!must go to the beach soon.and that soon is coming!yehey!:)


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