Beauty Review: Quick FX Eye Lift Cream

One of my major beauty problem is my dark under eye circles. I admit its my fault coz I do have a lot of bad habits that caused it. Sleeping really late doing unnecessary things, too much exposure to computer screen, rubbing them off and a lot more. One factor that contributes to it is also my face's natural contour. I have high cheekbones that makes my under eye look deeper and also my eyes are kind of big lol so it gives more shadow to my under eyes.

I'm trying my best to have good sleep, eat healthy but there are just some things that I couldn't do anything about like my work. I have night shifts and that means no sleep for me which is totally crazy! I sleep the whole day every after duty which is really tiring. So to help in distressing my eyes, I apply facial masks every now and then (which I am addicted now btw), also Human Nature Beauty Oil (review here) and this Eye Lift Cream from Quick FX.

The product is contained in a sachet with a small tube for easy open. Packaging wise, is not too attractive and nor too dull to look. I love the easy open thing they did so it won't be messy during the application. 

Its barely there. I can't smell any chemicals nor fancy fragrance in it. I totally got no problems at all in the smell.

It has a clear  sticky consistency. Not that sticky though, its a bit watery and it easily melts once rubbed and applied on the under eyes. 

Sorry for my pores and under eye
Because of the tube, the application was made easy breezy! no hassle at all. No mess, no fuss. Just squeeze a pea size of the product then apply a couple of centimeter (half an inch will do) below the area. This is a tip I learned from some famous youtube vloggers btw. In applying this, you need to apply it down a little bit unto the dark under eye circle and not on your eye bags. You get what I mean? because generally, eye creams tend to go an inch or so after an hour. We don't want the cream to hit our delicate eyes right?
If you're asking for results, then I can't give you yet. This isn't a miracle that works overnight. Results will always be seen on the long run. I'll update you if I find this product really effective. But for now, all I can say is it does help lighten my eyes a little bit. I've used this on my night shift duties and I can tell the difference!

Its the cheapest eye cream I've seen so far. I admit, its the price that caught me first. I bought this on Watsons for only P49.00. And as cheap as that, this product is really promising with the good results (so far) that I see.

Well, I find the product good and well, even better if we talk about its price. It's a beauty must have especially for those on a strict budget like me. I would really recommend this!


Have an awesome night ladies!


  1. sounds like a great product, will have to try it out!


    ♥ Ellen
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  2. thank you for the revieeeew!! <3 <3

  3. this post made me feel guilty coz I haven't been using eye cream when I know I should! And part of the reason is that they tend to bleed into my eyes and they sting. hahaha! you might want to try one of those eye creams that come in a tube for easier application. :)

  4. Ireally love this product..spcialy the quick fx pimple eraser.

  5. Hi. Did you have a great improvement now on this after almost a year?

    1. hi! I haven't been using this for a while now but it's good actually to avoid puffed eyes.

  6. Hi,

    How long have you been using and how has it worked so far?

  7. if gabi ko sya ilalagay my oras ba sya kung gaano katagal nakalagay sa under ng eye?? or kinabukasan na sya huhugasan? paano naman pag morning? tpos aalis, pwde ba to patungan ng makeup?? please answer me

    1. Nope. Pwde pwde mo sya iovernight sa skin mo. Also, it's just like the regular eye cream that everyone uses as part of their skin routine. Just like putting moisturizer on, I think pwede itong gamitin before makeup.


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