Beauty Review: Avon Skin Goodness Mineral Blush in Radiance

Hi lovelies! :) Just came from an outing and I am dead tired to be honest. Its the company outing I was talking about in the other post. Well, it was a good one, I enjoyed it so much. We even won in one of the team games! *yeeey!* and I swam a lot. Like A LOT, amidst the scorching sun. Its not everyday that we go to the beach and enjoy the waves right? so might as well make the best out of it.

I'll blog about that on a separate post. For now, I'll be reviewing this awesome blush that I got from Avon
So what's the catch of a mineral blush? well, since its 100% natural-mineral blush with vitamin enriched formula it is regarded as safe and good to the skin (according to studies) while making an even and natural-luminous looking coverage, letting your inner beauty shine. Though it is a bit pricey compared to the regular blushes, I personally think that its worth the price difference since it gives more and better make up coverage AND skin benefits. Right?

Product Description:
"Exceptionally fine, pure mineral powder pigments blend to a naturally luminous finish. Gentle as a breeze, feels like nothing at all. Contains 100% pure mineral pigments…and enriched with vitamins. Free of talc, oil and fragrance. Great for all skin types, even sensitive. Infused with our mineral glow pearls…Avon’s mineral blush illuminates cheeks and helps to bring out skin’s true vibrance. Featherlight airbrushed finish for a healthy radiance."

Now unto the review...
Avon Skin Goodness Mineral Blush in Radiance
Content:09 oz. net wt
Packaging wise, it looks sleek and good to me. Its sturdy and won't break easily once dropped. It comes with a plastic cover inside. Its not very big and bulky so its very handy and can be brought anywhere.
The plastic cover is meant to be thrown once opened. But I recommend you to not throw it right away, just return it immediately on every use. We don't want the pigment to overflow every time we open the container.

It looks sheer and shimmery but is very pigmented. I like the way it colors once applied. The color is buildable. You can opt for a natural-sheer looking blush or a pretty nice blushed cheeks. Since its very pigmented, be careful to brush is nicely and evenly unto your cheeks. Do not concentrate on one spot on first application or else you'll have a longer time balancing the color on your cheeks. Blush is slowly and evenly.

Color varies depending on the lighting conditions.

I love the way it brings that radiant effect on my skin. Its very pigmented so I won't really need much of it on my brush. I was actually pretty worried about the coverage when I first opened it and saw how sheer and shimmery the fine powder was. But I was wrong when I applied it on my face. It has that nice looking luminous-sheer radiant effect giving off just enough shimmer to help my skin glow more. The blush is very good to work with all the blending process.You just need to be careful and even it once applied. You'll need less time and effort in blushing your cheeks. Another good thing about this is that we also can build the color depending upon our preferences. Since its very blendable, you can stop for a single brush application or add a little more if you want a more dramatic cheeks.
I personally want a more natural looking glow so I usually stop right away once I see a pop of color building on the apples of my chubby cheeks.

Got this on sale at approx. Php200 +. I forgot the exact numbers but it plays somewhere there. Its pretty cheap right?

I love the blush and the color I chose. So perfect and its exactly what I was longing for! Maybe the only thing I observe on this is that you'll need a good brush to blend it right away. Though its blendable, it is so pigmented that you don't want to just damp all of it in one spot and then blend on the rest. You need to balance the application. But overall, nothing much negative comments :)

Its bed time ladies. 
Have a sweet dream! <3


  1. This actually sounds really good, I might give it a go because I can never find a blusher that actually makes any difference in colour on my cheeks haha!

    1. opt for bright warm tone blush to give radiance :)

  2. I haven`t try this product but I love the color, it looks amazing, I so want one also you are so beautiful, you look like a doll!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  3. Love the color! It looks so natural on you! :D


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