ACS Summer Outing 2014

It was a bright and shiny morning. The sun was so up, perfect for that day's event. Its the company's summer outing and I was one of the first batch. Its been very long since the last time I soaked deep in sea water. It felt like almost a decade! I can still remember how my siblings and I used to go to the beach near my Uncle's house every Sunday. It was the most exciting part of the week for us. Splashing in the water, swimming around, playing and just having fun with my father who always accompanies us. But as we grew older and as time schedule intervenes, we were not able to regularly visit.

So during the company outing, I felt very eager and greedy for the sea water. I tanned after hours of soaking and swimming under the heat of the sun. But I didn't and won't mind tanning. Its not always that we can relax and go to the beach right? so might as well get the most out of it. And well... its summer.
It was scorching hot. The water was so blue and attractive, like it was tempting me. lol

Call time was 8am but as Filipino as we are, we went on the road 30mins late. But despite of that, still everyone was excited! Off course, with all things that we should forget #selfies are the least! 

Impatiently waiting for the others to

And at the moment we arrived, more selfies and groufies! :) Photos are long lasting and are good remembrance for memorable experiences such as this event. Photos with everyone, having fun and enjoying each others company. Aside from taking picture perfect moments, one of the first thing we did was Karaoke! Mitch and I are like the Karaoke Queens. Not because we have amazing voice but because we have oozing confidence in singing. lol

With the Ojts.

"Team Piggest Looser!"
We won one of the team games and we got these prizes! :)
Eating time! Yummy lechon!
More groufies! <3

Took a break after soaking in the water for a few minutes and sang like we owned the mic. lol

Hi Maam Jes! hahaha
With our lovely FO Supervisor :)

Kent with the Department Heads :)

Both sunnies and the cute blue arm party are from Romwe.

Looking forward for more summer adventures :)
Hopefully more!



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