Just right

Its a pretty great day for me :) well, I bought myself a camera. For beginners and for those still on saving mode for a professional camera, a good investment is to start with a great level entry one. I chose Canon Ixus 155. I'll blog about it soon *wink*

 For now, let me show you this awesome pants I got from Persunmall. It fits just right for my small frame. I love every detail especially the rich bold burgundy color. The texture is smooth outside but it has a woolen cloth inside which makes it humid when worn. In a hot weather we have here in Philippines, this pants is a bit out-season. I'll wear this on maybe rainy and cold days or who knows, when I go to Baguio! How I wish!lol If the cloth was thin and leggings-like then it would have been perfect! But that's the only thing I am concern about the item, the rest are good with me.

I didn't do a whole body outfit post for this because I was a bit unprepared during this time. So for now, I'll first show you how it fits me.
See product details here.

Side details. Its a false pocket but its fine with me. I also wouldn't want to put anything in it because it will only ruin the fit and all, right?
The cloth is stretchable. I got the small size and it fits me well. It fits like a jegging. The pants look much red in the photos but in personal, its actually a bit darker. 
I'd also like to show you this recent purchase I had the past month. I got this for P250 at Colon. I know its not durable as the branded ones but I just like the design and the color. So lovely! 

Have a great night lovelies!


  1. wow!congrats for your new camera!makakapag #ootd ka na with good photos as what you wish.hehe.enjoy!


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