Insta Snaps

I've been flooding you with so much commercials lately and I felt really guilty for not being able to center this blog on me, myself and you. I'd like to make this blog as personal as I could from now on. So to make a step ahead, let me show you how my life went lately through a few snaps from my Instagram :)

(from left to right)
* Its been raining lately and so I decided to finally sport the sweater I bought a few weeks ago which I paired with my Romwe asymmetrical skort (which I really love) 
* Took a selfie OOTD last day off with my polka pants, thrifted denim top and Parisian shoes. I have always adore denim on denim combo <3
* Just a typical day at the mall wearing a laid back loose houndstooth printed top, black pants and my usual go-to bag.
* Went out with friends at Dong Juan and ordered my all time favorite dish, spaghetti <3
* Another food trip with my friends which happened just a few days ago. Pigged out at A Cafe then went straight ahead at La Vie Parisienne. How awesome that night was! (read my A cafe experience here)
* Took a snap of my mini breakfast this morning. It was raining hard and so I decided to sip a cup of coffee.
* Yummy chocolates and cute key chains given by my blogger friend Ms Jen. She took a short 1 day trip here at Cebu before going back to Japan. It was nice seeing her in person together with Ms Ile
* Finally got my own copy of #Stylized! sadly I wasn't able to have it signed by Ms Lyz Uy. Neverthless, I am so happy with the book!
* Treated my self with these awesome pampering goodies!

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Till my next post <3


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