Been really stressed out the past days. Struggling in work, financial, inspiration and all others. Its so hard to keep up when things just seems to go all wrong. I felt like I've done nothing right and everything I do always comes out wrong and lacking. Have you ever felt that?

Good thing my day off just came right on time. I was able to freshen up my mind. And good thing, I will be vanishing from the busy day shift for a while since I will be on graveyard shift again. Before the month end, I rewarded myself and it was somehow a way to distress everything. My friends and I ate out at A Cafe. One of the Abaca Group's famous restaurant in Cebu. 

Another favorite of mine. Devil's Chocolate Sandwich!

Sorry, I forgot the exact name of the dishes. But I swear they're delicious! 

It was really a night well spent! Imagine, we ate a lot for less than P500.00 each. Nice bargain right? lol okay, two of my friends are from Abaca Group so we had a 50% discount. I was really full but we decided to hop into another great place. So we then went to La Vie Parisienne and it was as awesome as I had imagined. I was thinking of visiting the place in daylight so I can take photos well but I'll save that for another post :))
Till my next post <3


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