La Vie Parisienne

After pigging out at A Cafe, the gang decided not to wrap the night yet and went ahead at La Vie Parisienne. The first French Boulangerie & Greocery in Cebu with a great overview of tasty french wines and products.We took wine to at least compliment the heavy food we ate and also decided to taste their delicious croissant and almond bread. I swear, they're delicious and addicting!! I can eat a dozen of those! well, if they lower the prize from P25.00 to maybe P2.00 each? hahahha lol Pandesal lang? 

The place was really soothing and pleasing but it was really crowded. And, the line at the cashier was way too slow. They could hire more people and offer better service to at least make justice to the ambiance. But nevertheless, the people went not just for the food but mainly for the place itself.
Sorry for the oily face!

That's me eating by the way. hahahaha! I am always hungry. I will be back at daylight and will try to take my Ootd. How about that? :))



  1. i was also planning to go here when I was there but time didn't permit us. will surely be back in cebu and by that time maybe a couple of days na!:)


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