ACS Christmas Party'13

I am blessed to be given a nice job with an environment full of amazing people. I am so thankful to be given such a wonderful opportunity to work with these awesome team of hoteliers that are committed to give the best hospitality service to its clients and to its own people.

We had our Christmas Party last Dec.20,2013 in one of the hotel's function rooms. It was such an awesome night of fun and excitement. There were prizes raffled, awards were given and every Department showcased their talents (including me). Unfortunately, despite the days we spent to practice we only got the 4th place (which by the way is the second to the last spot-lol). But it was fun and its just a game, we're sports. Win or lose, the important thing is we tried and we enjoyed :)

The contest by the way was themed "Kalokalike" thus each department should focus on a solo artists of their choice. It was a star studded party indeed, which was attended by Miley Cyrus, Psy, Cat de Luna, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Miley Cyrus,as the artist of the year proved her spot and won in the contest showcasing her 2013 hit songs We can't stop and Wrecking ball.

powerpuff daw mi. hahahaha

Right after the program ended, everyone danced and just enjoyed the beat of the music :) 
With our very own Rihanna :) awh.. Katrina!
Department heads :)

With my ever gorgeous supervisor :) Ms Reina

It was indeed a wonderful celebration. Thanks by the way to my manito for giving me a pair of awesome shoes! :))

Merry Christmas!


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