A year through pictures

I was in Malaysia when I welcomed 2013 together with friends and co-ojts at Berjaya Times Square. I can still remember those days :)) even though I was away with my family, there were many people around me and we were all happy. Everyone was excited for what the year will bring, it was all positive energy and good vibes. 

If last year was a blast, this year was kinda' far from it. I almost welcomed 2014 alone but thank goodness my co-workers asked me to hang out with them. My friends were all busy, they were on duty and for heaven's sake, they all have reasons not to celebrate new year with me. But anyways, I'm still positive and still in good vibes! (oh yeah! that's the spirit!). 2013 was one tough ride. Many things happened. It closed a chapter of my life and opened a new one, things ended but still in the good way and a lot more. To sum things up, I finished my 6 months OJT in Malaysia by March and graduated by April (with flying colors, rots). Spent my whole summer with blogging, celebrated another year of my existence, flew here in Cebu, got my current Job, broke up with someone, met a lot of friends and oh, Christmas 2013 :) easy bitsy?
uh oh, between those highlights were tough decision makings,dilemmas, fun, excitement and lots more of emotions mixed together. I can't even name them all. 

Here are a couple of photos to sum up my whole 2013 :)
Last Jalan-jalan with my MY family :)
During graduation with my Cum laude friends :)
SOME selfie moments**
another one.

and another one...

and.... lol
with Bejie :)
With my roommates :)

Alpa City Suites Christmas Party 2013
Christmas 2013 with roommates :)
Short family vacation here in Cebu for my Mom's birthday :)

I bet your thinking that I have a lot more selfie shots than important events that I attended. lol Anyway, it was a good year! a very good year and I thank God for it. I hope 2013 would be a lot better, more fun, excitement and more blessings! Thanks to all the people who have been with this blog all throughout even though I have been on and off the past months. I appreciate you all, so much! Happy New Year everyone!


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