It was scorching hot the moment we stepped out of the hotel and waited for the bus. I was with Gardeniah, Dapnee and Norenne. The jalan-jalan  was actually for Norenne since its her first time to visit Georgetown. We toured her around but the time wasn't enough. We went to first Avenue and bought another sunglass :P and then we went to Gourney in which we stopped at the wrong place so we had to walk at the bay for almost half an hour to reach the Mall. LOL but it was worth it, Gourney drive was awesome and I've never been there so it was worth the walk :)

 Told yah', it was scorching hoooooooot!
 With Norenne :)

Bottle cap necklace (hodge podge), Shamballa bracelet (cutey) and skull bracelet (phrenzy)
Thank you!

 Walked half an hour to get to Gourney Plaza

 Stopped by McDonalds :D


Till next time! :)


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