Text yourself!

Look what I got this Christmas, bwahahaahahaha! a box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. Unexpected, totally! I was gonna hide when I saw him from a far but I wasn't able to since I was entertaining a guest who wanted to check in. Anyway, it would be so embarrassing for him if I wouldn't accept. At first I refused but he looked so down. bwahahahaha! so mean of me :P bahala ka. My friends kept saying to just accept so I accepted and say thank you. Then he went off.  

He left a note with it saying "please do text me" LOL, text your self! hahahahaha I don't know I have blogged about how he has been annoying me with his visits and the sim he bought for me. 
Anyway, I decided to share the chocolates to everyone. oh diba? how kind of me! hahahaha :D

Off day today! No money so no jalan-jalan...


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