Hello 2013!

This will be my first blog entry for 2013 and I wish this would be a sign of a more prosperous blog throughout the whole year. I'm thinking of making my new year resolutions but then I always end up writing none since I know that all of it wouldn't last and most probably would end on the first week of the month. I just want to wish that 2013 will be as good or much better than the previous one. 2012 was a fun ride. So many memories, both bad and good and all together, it made my 2012 a blast. Not to mention, I survived the doomsday! LOL which was a big epic fail.

Welcomed 2013 at Penang Times Square last night. It was fun, well we made it fun... People are way so different from the Filipino party spirit. They were all watching the live music like they're watching movies or some drama. Us? even though we can't understand what they were singing, we were shouting and dancing with the beat of the music.

After the countdown, people were stepping back to their homes like it's just an ordinary day. If this is  Philippines, I'm sure disco will proceed right after the countdown and program proper. But its not so we tried going inside a club (which is my first time), people were just sitting around, drinking and talking. If it weren't because of my co-trainees, the dance floor wouldn't have been that great. Anyway, Daphnee, Gardeniah and I decided to part our ways with the others since we had our DM Hisham to fetch us. We were actually planning to go on a roadtrip but then the place was so boring and they said New Year is not really a big deal to them since Muslims do not celebrate it here. So we just had a concert at the car, laugh, and eat! :D

With the Penang trainees :D

Hoping for a great year ahead!


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