Motel Print

Woke up really late this morning. I only have 1 hour left to pamper myself up before I go on my duty. I'm having an online stream on Manny's fight with Marquez. I just wonder until when will they be settled? they're both good, what's with that? 

Yesterday was my duty at the mart and I only sold goods in total of Rm 10.80 LOL guess how boring it was there. So I just took some photos inside and I brought my laptop so I was just plainly surfing the net the whole time. Anyway, here's a simple look I had yesterday while I was at the mart. This shirt was the one I bought together with the other two as part of the 3 for Rm23 sale at Sunway Carnival Mall. This was on men's section and this was their smallest size, still a bit bigger for me so tucked it in my jeans. I love the bold print of the shirt and the galaxy feeling it has on lol


Hahahay,, duty again. I don't feel it, I don't like it. Can I just have a fever now? slight fever. ehhehe so  I can have an excuse not to have a duty today. I just don't feel like working today.. -.-  or can I just simple go home now? hahaha lol okay, have a great day ahead! :)


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