Food craves..

Ever since I was a kid, I've been a ton eater. That's why many people are surprisingly shock by how much I can eat yet it isn't obvious in the way I look. I've been thin ever since, though I eat a lot my body  doesn't gain any much bigger. My weight hardly change and my body figure doesn't match with the quantity of food I eat. Quite different from what it is now. My cheeks and tummy are gaining faaaaaaaaaats.!

Anyway, in line with the continuation of the blog challenge I took,  I miss eating sooo much food! I miss eating a lot of foods! foods in the Philippines that either aren't here or the taste here is different from the Phil. I miss eating up to my stomach's content! LOL I'm craving to eat a looooooooot of foooooooooood! 

On top of my list?? Filipino style spaghetti! I miss Jollibee's meaty spaghetti! and off course, my mom's homemade spaghetti! the sour and sweet combination of taste makes me want to go home this Christmas!!
Greenwich's lasagna!! :D yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!!!!!!! I miss the oooozing white sauce and meaty filling! plus the garlic bread stick on the side! :P :P :P 

I miss eating at the nearby pizza stores in IIT. My friends and I usually hunt for pizza (if not Jollibee) during free time. I miss those :( and I miss pizza! I want to taste pizza here in Malaysia too, I wonder how it taste here.. hehe  :P

You aren't a Filipino if you haven't eaten like this :P I miss pandesal + kape sa umagaaaaaaa! kalamiiiiii ani uieeeee. Something that we Filipinos only have. 

I miss Michelle's siopao! they're just so yummy! rj and I often eat siopao at Michelle's during free time. I love their pork siopao :D

I miss eating these foods so much!! I hope I can eat these somewhere here in Penang hihihi. I can't wait to go back home and savor these foods once again!! :D the photos above made me hungry!!! I want to eat now! k.bye :P


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