Off Date!

I got busy last month to the point that I have duty even on my day off, which I really hate. So I really made sure to seize my day off for this month especially since its already Christmas season and I want to enjoy every moment of it. Last Friday, my friends and I went to Georgetown and go jalan-jalan :) Went to see our other friends on the other side of Penang. Georgetown is just so Christmas-y, you'll feel the presence and spirit of Christmas with all their decorations and off course, the sale. 

 Paolo, Daphnee, Gardenia, me and Mack :)
We asked Manong's help to take a photo of us and after several takes... that's the most decent photo he had. hahaha, anyway we still thank him!

 Had Nasi churva for dinner with friends and the food was awesome bruuuuuuuup! (excuse me) It was my first time to eat such food, thanks to our Hydro friends for introducing it to us and thanks to their boss for paying. LOL 

Went our own separate ways right after the dinner since Pesta Pulau Pinang was quite far from their place. It was raining cats and dogs the moment we arrived. My shoes were all soaked with the rain water  but it didn't stopped us to look and roam around the area. There were a lot of booths and rides. Good thing I haven't spent a lot there, that I was able to hold back the eagerness of me to buy fancy items. We rode Top Gun after the rain stopped and it was awesome! the best!! but I will never ride again, LOL maybe some other rides in the place by next time..
It was so muddy and wet in the whole area but we cannot just go and pass by this mini park inside that's just soooo  fancy to take photos with. Love the heart shape and the lights!! :) It's Christmas!

The only ride that we had yet we gone crazy! hahaha, it was just sooo thrilling! I want to try other rides as good as this! :D next time? :)


  1. i miss christmas in the philippines.but i hope to experience white christmas. by the way, please visit my blogversary giveaway and hope you can's international.

  2. gorgeous red box bag! anyway, christmas in philippines look exciting! those lights, o m g! Super nice <3

  3. wonderful. i love all these lights!
    maren anita

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