Late mini November Haul

I'm a huge fan of hauls on Youtube and blogs in the cyber world but I've never imagined myself to do the same thing as what they are doing. I don't buy stuff often coz my Mom usually does that, not me. But since my Mom is not around to provide me the things she usually does, I buy my own stuff now. They're not so important, i know but at least I have something to share to you now. hehe I've been always on and off so at least I have something to blog about. 

Last November was a mix of happy and tiring days. The last days of November up to now are the most tiring days I've ever had here in Malaysia. November also had a lot of functions and weddings, which I always do charity stuff on (no payment!) since its part of my duty time. Anyway, the moment I received my salary for the month of October, I was longing for a pair of flat sandals which I could use to roam around whenever I don't feel to wear shoes. But I found a lot of unplanned stuff along my search for the pair of sandals. Instead, I bought food, clothes, bag and jeans. I've never had the chance to buy my target, sandals. LOL

These were the things I bought unintentionally the previous month. I bought this shirts about a week ago at Sunway Carnival Mall which was super unexpected. I was just with my friends and I wan't planning to buy anything until we saw cute shirts on sale. 3 for 23 RM *wink*

 The day after Gardenia and I went jalan-jalan in Georgetown, Daph asked me to accompany her to buy something at the mall. As a good friend.. charoot, I went with her and to we saw this cute bag.
I bought this bag on sale (50 RM for two) :) we have the same bag, different color though. Aside from the bag, we also bought black jeans (60 RM for two)  that we can wear during the duty and on casual days. 

I've spent a lot of money on things I didn't really planned on buying. hahaizt.. Next time, this month. I'll try my best not to look on sale so I can never be tempted to use my super duper cute and tiny money. Or else I'll never be able to buy what I really long to buy(not really the sandals)! charoot!  haha. I just noticed the change in my personal preferences, chos! haha I now like loud prints and anything with red, navy blue pr burgundy :P

Anyway, a typhoon just hit my hometown and luckily my family is okay and no one is hurt though it flooded. Thank you Lord for guiding them and putting them away from harm. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!:)

I think this i it for now,till my next update! :* 


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