I was in a hurry that morning to close my cashier account and settle the credit bills. Why? because we're going to jalan-jalan after duty! and yes we did! It was my friend, Gardenia's day off and so I went to Georgetown with her. It was our first time to really tour the place. Luckily, we didn't get lost on our way there. Before we go jalan-jalan, we went to Victoria Inn to get Kaz, our official tour guide. Rots! haha 

With Victoria Inn's Supervisors! haha
Accessories OVERLOAD!
Probably the last photo I got in the shop before they reprimanded me taking photos inside. tsk
Cute accessories from random stalls.

Gardenia with Justin.. beiber? haha
Chocolate ice floss! yuum.!
Meet up with Jj :) welcome to Malaysia!!
Got so tempted with a lot of stuff but I only ended up buying this one. :) Isn't it cute! ahaha, I always end up buying something I cannot use!
Do I look okay? haha I probably won't be able to use this one.. especially at Iligan! haha
Mga akala Models. haha
Last photo before we went back at Pearl View :) Go IIT'ians! :)

Till my next jalan-jalan post! :D have a good night everyone! and HAPPY 21! 


  1. Jalan-jalan is also indonesian words lol Such a fun day, and I love that earing ah ah! You look so cute, love your cat-eyed sunnies xx


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