Predictions have always been a failure ever since before. I heard a lot of rumors and predictions ever since I was a child but none of them ever came true. Last night was supposedly the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. To them, last night was supposedly the last day of the world, but I never had any worries about it and in fact, we were roaming around Pesta Pulau Pinang the whole night! oh diba? We didn't even noticed the time till we were all drained for the long walks, window shopping and all. Thanks to the free transportation by our Duty Manager who also managed to treat us with dinner! and he was even willing to buy tickets for us! LOL we felt guilty so bought our own tickets :D

Sadly, we haven't had much time to take photos since it was so crowded and we didn't had the chance to. But I swear we had fun! the concert we had inside the car, the laugh and all the fun moments we had! 

I pleased them to ride at least "The Challenger" with, luckily they did and it waaaas fuuuuuun!

And my next target?...
The sky churva. hahahah Forgot the name, awh soreh

And of course, The Vortex!
I don't really believe with end of the world predictions. But this ride will surely stopped your heartbeat and kill your throats out, charooot. This is even worse than the Mayan prediction hahahaha.  I wanna try this, just once!

We had a photo with the snake before we rode the Challenger but we lost it and we don't know who took it. So we took another photo and we recopied the first one we had, and oh-la-la almost the same photo hahahah Same position, same angle! Nagpapicture pami noh? hahahaha
(first row/left -right) Daphnee, me and Gardenia.
(2nd row) Fad, Hisham (DM) and Kaz

Our duty Manager took his friend last night and good thing Fad was also a gila person. All gilas combined! hahahaha okay. :P

We were supposedly gonna go to another place after Pesta but we were not able to make it since we didn't had much time left. In fact, we left Pesta at 11:30 already. hmmm.... there's still next time. Free service and we can choose on where we want to go! cooool :D

Who would have thought that last night was supposedly the end on the world if it was this fun?! :P
I'll make sure to take bunch of photos on our next trip! :D


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