Christmas in Malaysia!

Time flew so fast. Its Christmas! two more months left till we bid farewell to Malaysia. Anyway, let's not yet talk about all the goodbyes. Its Christmas! our savior's birth day! Jesus <3 

Bagtak which we used to really hate made all the preparations for this event to happen. If it weren't because of her, we couldn't have had this. We had the dinner in the old lobby lounge which they temporarily closed for now. Though Christmas here is quite far compared to the Philippines we somehow felt the season of love and sharing with the hats on top of our heads during duty, the exchange gift we had and the Christmas buffet dinner they prepared for us. We're so grateful to be given such party coz we all know that majority of the staff here if not Muslim, are Buddhists. Though rice was absent, there were plenty of pasta and other carbo-rich foods (which we Filipinos love to eat!).

I just have to warn you with the whole bunch of photos below. I just can't decide which to post. Credits to the owner. :D

Good thing it started right after our duty around 11pm until 1 Am. Though no music and sound system, we filled the whole lounge with laughs, talks and flashes from the cameras. Took a bunch of photos with all my co trainees and local staffs :D
Look what I just receive. Shirts with cool prints. Love this shirt with the peace sign on :)
To my Manita, I gave her a sling bag which took me around 2 hours to choose. It's really that difficult for me to choose what to give especially during this special occasion. I hope she likes it :)

Team IIT with Kaz missing in action. hehehe

Bro-mance! hahahhaa

With Itaaaaay! :D hahahah Hisham!

Happy Holidays everyone! :)


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