Greatest treasure

Another difficult question for me. What makes me happy? hmmm. A lot of things makes me happy, actually. Good news, gifts, surprises, great people, friends, family, loved ones and more! they're too many to mention. Everything I have makes me happy and contented. God gave me everything I deserve and I know he'll give me only the best things in life. I may not be religious enough but I have faith in him and I trust that everything happens to me has a reason and that I should be thankful to every blessings and opportunities that comes my way.

I'm grateful to every thing I have but with all those things, I am most grateful to be given this most wonderful people in my life and this for me makes me happy :)

Off course, my family! That was during my mini birthday celebration. We don't really take pictures often so I only have this one.

My ever supportive and super gorgeous/cool/AWESOME college friends and you know... haha

High school never eeeeeeeends! If only friendster didn't erased everything in it. I could have shared here a lot of photos during my high school days, I miss those!

Childhood friends... my friends way back from elementary up to now...

My new found friends:) co-ojts! craaaaazy people joined together!

And these people made me to who I am today, Chos! haha. They make me happy! bow.


  1. yah!this challenge has been 48years already.hehe.
    glad you found time to continue this one.

    1. haha yeah! I hope to read yours too!

    2. i already finish this challenge of mine though.i think you read it already.:)


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