On my special day.

Its 12 midnight and yet here I am, somehow trying to fill this empty blog. If you've been reading my blog, I once took a blog challenge which I actually didn't finish ever since my interest switched into fashion blogs. Anyway now that I don't have anything to post, I am trying to continue the challenge I once took. Its actually the 13th question and ever since before, I've been trying to conceptualize my answer for this one. Why? because I really have no idea yet.  

Its just today that I somehow found an appropriate answer. My co-trainees and I were talking about stuff early this morning when we were at the banquet helping with the set up for a chinese wedding. We talked with a lot of things and I can't already remember how the topic went to weddings. Maybe because we've seen a lot weddings ever since we've been here, all chinese weddings though. And then suddenly, I remember this question that I've been... ever since, looking for an answer. 

Who wouldn't want to settle and be married someday? I mean, yeah.. some doesn't like but as a girl, as for me, who wouldn't want a romantic wedding? Beach wedding, garden wedding, name all of them. But as for me, I prefer to have church wedding. I'm not being old fashioned or whatsoever, I just want my most important and most bongacious day to be celebrated and witnessed by the one who made all of it come true <3Call it destiny or meant to be, all I know is God made us together and he should be with us on our special day. Chaarooot. 

haha Sorry for being so cliche. Enough of that, it doesn't really matter for me on wherever church or how bongacious it would be. But as a girl like me, I also have my what we call "dream wedding". I still can't figure out my greatest dream wedding but as of now, here are a few things I fantasized on :D

Most bonggacious wedding dress.
Specifically, one with lace details and/or sophisticated beads and sequins embroidery; and with a loooooong tail!

Vintage themed wedding.

Elegant hair and make up!

Off course, as the bride we should be the fairest on our special day!

Grand wedding cake.
This isn't really an important one but isn't a wedding complete with a grand wedding cake? :)


Late post! this was supposedly posted last night but my eyes and brain surrendered and won't work anymore. Got tired from last night's wedding set up and service, with a lot of demanding guests around. Anyway, I'll be continuing this blog challenge in the next days and hopefully, I would be able to finish it. 

Have a great day ahead! :)
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