On a strange place

After a day of orientation, we went to Tesco, a mall near in the hotel to buy some supplies. The hotel's van was our service :) We bought a few things and then discovered the whole place. They got a lot of kawaii things around 2.5-5 RM each. At first, they look so cheap but then the moment you remember the rate of ringgit to peso, you'll keep distance LOL. And one thing, you have to pack the things by yourself. There's no packer and even the plastic isn't free, it costs .20 RM each.

Our first day off was spent on touring around Pacific Mall :) ate our lunch in KFC and then just merely touring around :) Saw a lot of cute stuffs to. Quite an affordable place than Tesco, still expensive though. 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel.

I was with my co trainees who also had their day off, Xanti, Ana and Lady :)
That's me and Lady there :)

And by the way, day off again today :) Horrraaay! haha
Have a great week ahead!!!!!!!!!!!


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