Journey to Malaysia

I didn't feel any excitement at all on the day before my flight. Though I was busy preparing with the things that I'll be bringing, my mind was somewhere else. I haven't even slept the day before my flight coz aside from I was preparing for my things, I was busy about my case study. The moment I finished it, it was about 12 (September 20) already. So I wasn't able to sleep, I just nap for an hour or less -.- I just continued to nap when I was on my way to CDO airport. I was not excited or nervous, maybe because I'm not yet ready to leave home. 

Anyway, our flight was 6 am via Cebu Pacific. My first step at Manila was around 7:25 am at NAIA :) ate our breakfast at Jollibee, as usual :D Had our flight to Kuala Lumpur at 2 PM :) 

While waiting for our flight to Kuala Lumpur :) My shoes for 6 months OJT, I hope you'll last!! :D

(insert blogger stuff here) Luggage tag from Dfab Shop :) Thank you so much!! 

 Glad to be seated near the window :) My first time to ride a plane :D

 Around 6 PM we arrived at Kuala Lumpur, haggard face! :)

 Its already around 7 pm but the sun just begun setting down. 
Around 8 hours of travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. Arrived around 4 am at the hotel :) Very tiring but we had a nice sleep at our room inside the hotel :) with aircon teh! :)

We arranged our things for about 30 minutes and then went asleep for just two hours. We had our breakfast around 6:30 and them around 7 am we started to tour around and then orientation.

It was a tough journey for all of us, with almost 12 hours of travel in a totally strange place. People who speak different language, eat different food and dress differently. Its a good thing to discover new culture, tradition and practices. The difficult is how to adjust with it. Its either you adopt or you continue to challenge your self.

Anyway, its a new place to discover, enjoy, tour and of course to learn. Char! haha LOL
Have a great day ahead! :)


  1. Looks like a pretty fun trip!

    Great post! New follower here! :) Hope you can drop by my blog and maybe get a follow back too? :)

    Thank you and looking forward to more posts!



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