On duty

Being able to adopt a strange place isn't that easy. I myself haven't even completely adjusted yet. Talking about the food, I never liked their food and I think I would never like it. Ever. When it comes to work, I think I already have adjusted, in the afternoon shift particularly where we check in guests. 

Today is my first day of work in the morning shift. Waking up early before 7am is the hardest thing in this shift. Its a totally different work than in the afternoon shift. Its easier, i guess. I haven't fully learned the routine of checking out guests. Maybe in the next days :) 

Vain-in' in front of the mirror while getting ready for duty :)

Morning shift again tomorrow. Have a good night! :*


  1. that's also my problem during early shifts.the waking up drama times.snooze the alarm for 3times before waking up.hehe.but i also like it since you can go home also early and still bright when you got home.:)

    1. waking up early is the hardest part!I'm glad It'll be for only 4 days, and then the rest are afternoon shift :)


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