Happy 37th!

I never thought how time flew so fast. So fast that I haven't noticed that we already reached this far! We've been through a lot of rough and tough times which eventually molded us to what we are today. Today's not the special day but we're celebrating it in advance coz it's my day off! Though we are facing a difficult situation (we have no money!)LOL, its still our day and we're celebrating it! :)

Anyway, since its my day off I decided to wash my clothes. No choice, I don't have anything to wear tomorrow if I wouldn't wash. Hence today is a productive day. Right after washing, Gardenia and I decided to go to Sunway Mall which a few minutes away from the hotel. There were lots of sale but I haven't bought anything since I barely have money. 

I enjoyed this day! aside from being able to wander around this strange place, the advance celebration for tomorrow makes this day brighter. Before going home, I bought this mini cake as a simple way of celebrating tomorrow's celebration :)

Have a good night! :)


  1. is tomorrow your monthsary with the bf?

  2. Hi,
    nice blog.
    Can we follow each other?

  3. that look delicious



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