Lemon and Stripes

This was after my morning shift around 3 pm, I don't have any thing else to do since internet connection that time was way too slow to load up an episode of Once upon a time. I saw this short which I got from romwe.com last month. I thought of blogging about it once before but I haven't have the time to so since I was free that day, I decided to dress up a little bit and make most of the time while I was alone in the room :P

Just paired the lemon colored short with a plain red striped blouse and then wore a cute necklace which was bought by my sister from her field trip in Cebu. That's it. Though its as plain as that, I hope you'll still like it :)


Blouse: local dept Store
Short/belt: Romwe.com
Necklace: Cebu

And by the way, today is Saturday which means.. Day off! :) yeeeey! hihi
Anyway, I already have the winner in my giveaways. I haven't announced them in a post but I already announced the name/s in the rafflecopter widget. I don't really have enough time to post everyday coz I'm tired after my duty and I wake up late everyday around 12 PM already. So little time to do errands and blog about something. I already emailed the winner/s so if you haven't receive any email from me, better luck next time. You'll have your time maybe in my next giveaways :)

Congratulations to those I emailed. Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. nice top!

    (following you now via GFC, hope you follow back my blogs as well, cheers!)



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