Roses overload

Hey :) been absent for days. I bet you didn't noticed any of it. Anyway, whether no people reads my blog I won't stop writing down my little journey in my everyday life. So what had happened to me during my absence? well, not quite a lot :D

Last week, I received another items from Romwe. I get them monthly but I'm actually thinking of delivering the items straight at home. I don't like to bother people here, they might think I spend and waste money on buying items online. A lot already commented like that and I find it hard to explain. I don't want them to know me having a blog. 

These lovely peter pan collar and printed leggings are both from :) 

Sorry for the slippers xD

And by the way, if you're wondering about the roses. I got them at the hotel's lobby. They're gonna throw them all out and their such a waste. Their still in good condition so I grabbed some and since the leggings are all out rose, I put them beside it. Just that :D


  1. the collar is so pretty *__*
    I am so in love!
    have a nice day ♥

  2. Hi sis! Dunno where to contact you but I already sent my deets on your email bout your hodgepodge giveaway.Hope you receive it. Thankyou! Btw, Super nice necklace and leggings! <3


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