Natasha Fun Pics Contest! :)

What a weekend! :) if it wasn't for the  the package I received from Ms Jen of Sam's Station as well as the one I got from Sir Arnold of Korean-Fashionwear and the fun shoot we had this afternoon, it would have been totally boring. 

Have been browsing Natasha catalogs recently? Notice the contest they are doing? We decided to join for the the Natasha's last month of contest. I can't upload the real photos we had, so the photos below are all candid and are never intended for the contest.

At the plaza where we decided to take photos. Good thing, there were a very few people that time. 

Thinking of poses we would take while EATING torta (freshly baked by me)  :D
While trying to position the camera :)

 Tru Shoes

It was a fun experience, we just hope the fun we felt while shooting would reflect on the photo itself *fingers crossed*

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  1. What a nice, calm and comfortable place, love the trees!.. Yes perfect for pictorial, Nice candid shots too! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. great photos... i love the first photo so calm and a comfortable place to relax..


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