A package from Korean Fashionwear

Hey there lovelies :) Have you joined my giveaways? :) notice the giveaway sponsored by Korean Fashionwear? They will be giving Php 1000 worth of GC to one lucky person so better join now :)

In relation to that, Korean Fashionwear also sent me one of their fabulous items for a product review. I didn't expected that they will send me an item since we only agreed on having a giveaway on our first conversations. I was so happy when Sir Arnold asked me on what item I want to review with. He gave me a couple of choices and I chose to have this dress.

I got this dress last Thursday (June 7, 2012) and I was rushing to go back on our boarding house the moment I received a text from my cousin that I had a package delivered through LBC :) Superb fast delivery!

The cloth is super comfortable, it's stretchable; most likely made of jersey cloth. It has a reflective silvery design on the neckline which completed the whole aura of the dress and it has a small slit both at the front and back part. Dimensions are: bustline : 92cm ; length : 81cm ; waistline : 84cm ; hemline : 114cm ; best fits small to medium sized women. 

Obviously, from the dimensions itself, its a little bit bigger for me but as size S, either big or just right, we can always alter and make it look fit through a lot of ways. As for me, I wore a belt to secure the waistline and to shorten the bottom part a bit. No need to wear a lot of accessories since the design on the neckline  already added a spice to the dress and I always believe that its always better when simple. I don't have any shoes, as in! so I just grabbed any shoes I had then wore a couple of bracelets, the ring I got from Oasap and my only pair of earrings and then that's it.

Dress: Korean-Fashionwear
Owl ring: Oasap
Braided belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Rusty Lopez
Pearl Bracelet: Mom's :D
Bracelet: prize that I won from Ms. Claudine

Thank you Korean Fashionwear for this lovely dress. Please do click hype and vote buttons :) Thanks! Have a good night!


  1. It's a chic black dress perfect for a date. Love it!

  2. very pretty dress, i really love the neckline :)

    Parade of Dresses

  3. i think it's perfect on you! <3


    1. Thank you Ms. Claudine! Thanks for the bracelet!

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  5. Pretty! The dress looks great on you :)


  6. Such a pretty dress and it looks great on you:)xo


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