Early Morning

I"m not claiming to be fashionable nor as elegant looking as Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Cheyser or any other great and popular fashion bloggers out there (first and foremost) so I hope you wouldn't mind seeing me dressing up and posing awkwardly. Besides, I'm a newbie here especially as a fashion blogger, I even hesitated to pursue this path coz I know I'm no match with all those bloggers that I mentioned and personally, I don't dress and pamper my self much. But thencI came to realize that there's nothing wrong if I try, right? (don't laugh!) I'm getting older and matured (a little) and I will be working soon in large hotels (I wish!)  so maybe I should know how dress up and present myself in public which I think would almost be the same on how to project in front of a camera. 

Despite the fact that I'm so new in the blogging world, I feel very blessed to gain a number of followers and to be trusted by a number of great people who sponsors me and my blog. I received a couple of packages for my consumption (reviews), something that I couldn't have if I was not a blogger like the Firmoo glass I had. I had been a keen participant in a lot of Firmoo giveaways but I didn't won even one, good thing that I was able to know that they personally send a pair of glasses for free exclusively for bloggers. That's why I got one and was able to host a giveway. As time goes, I inquired a couple of possible people or shops where I could team up with and gladly, some of them were interested and teamed up with me. Because of them, I was able to organize my Birthday Giveaway Series! Have you joined already? Click the links above on my sidebar to join :)

pheew! that's the first thing that came out from my mind early in the morning, hence, the title. So much for the *serious message up there* :D

After I got the dress from Korean-Fashionwear and made a review and an outfit post (read here), I got another parcel  a few days right after from another kind sponsor, Sam's Station :) Ms. Jen, the owner was very kind and understandable. Despite of being a newbie, she decided to send me some of her great products for me to review and use in my future posts. She's so kind, isn't she? :) She has been helping newbie bloggers like me but sadly, some of those whom she helped did not reviewed the product/s she sent. *Karma na lang* 

She sent me a lovely corset and a very comfy skorts! Its actually my first time to hear and wear a skort. Plus, it has a very cute ribbon attached in front which completed the look of the short/skirt. Paired with a lovely floral corset and an old denim jacket. Finished with the DIY necklace and bracelets plus the ring I got from Oasap and then a casual flats. How comfy is that?

I love the floral print, the color of the corset and the very comfy cloth of the skort! Perfect for this hot weather we are experiencing despite the fact that June falls under the rainy season. Anyway, I had a great sleep so why not start my day with good vibes? An outfit post! :)


Floral Corset from Sam's Station
Skort from Sam's Station
Denim jacket fro my mom :D
Casual bow tied flats
 Jon Lenon inspired glasses from Firmoo
DIY bracelets and necklace
Cute owl ring from Oasap

The corset was a bit bigger for me but it will do. Isn't the skort cute? :) Though its way shorter than the shorts that I used to wear I still love it to bits! Thank you Ms. Jen for the lovely items! <3 Visit Sam's Station and drool over their lovely items! :) 

How do I look?:) Please don't laugh! :D Hype me on Lookbook and vote me on Chictopia! :) That would be a great birthday gift! and by the way, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Till my next post! Have a good night! <3

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  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow em! :)

  2. aw bad naman yung hindi nagpost ng review! anyway, you look pretty! :)

  3. "She has been helping newbie bloggers like me but sadly, some of those whom she helped did not reviewed the product/s she sent." << ang bad naman . i remembered one of my giveaway sponsor saying that some bloggers changes the giveaway prize for their own benefit . tsk2

    anyway, happy bday :) lovin the corset

  4. Wow, where do you live? It looks so fantastically tropical, it can't be in the US! Paradise, much? I'm having a hard time concentrating on the outfit with all the lush greenery around it! :P


  5. Great combination! I've always dreamed of getting sponsored, but seeing as I gave up fashion blogging for art blogging, that's a pie in the sky. Those corsets look pretty sweet!

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  6. ok lang naman kung awkward... nice at bagay naman sa iyo...

  7. Thank you Em! you look fine. :) It is nice to dress up once in a while :) God b;ess you! ~jen c. of Sam's Station :)

  8. Wow I like your skirt and top. Its looks very beautiful and cute. Its color combination and design is very unique.

  9. Love your outfit :)


  10. Pretty ensemble! It is always sooo nice to receive goodies from the mail :-)



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