OASAP & Firmoo's Free Eyewear for Bloggers!

Phew!! Two days off from blogging. That was an agony for me, seriously. I didn't want to skip posting in my blog though I do think its better that way. I can't think of good things to post for the last days, ending up with me sharing my favorite shop finds all over the cyber world including Oasap High Street Fashion, 2Bstores, Zalora, etc.

Opened my gmail account a while ago and saw the $23 credits in my Oasap account! small but its better than $10 that I had in my first attempt. Good thing I was able to invite a friend to join their Fashion Hunter Program. This is open to all fashion bloggers or fashion bloggers wanna be. As long as you have the qualifications. Because I did not met their qualification, my application is still pending and is under observation whether I could generate traffic to their site. Please do join and help me :)) click here to join. Thank you!

I forgot but I think it was yesterday that I knew about this thing. About Firmoo's free eyewear for bloggers. I tried to join and I think I was approved :) Firmoo is an eyewear online company which offers a wide range of options among fashionable and stylish with high quality yet cheap prescription glasses and sunglasses. Great for fashion and for summer! When going to beaches and other occasions! Here are some of my favorite glasses :)

Get your free eyewear now!
Someone's having a giveaway! :) to enter, visit

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  1. ooohhhh
    will sign up for it too :) haha

    and will probably try oasap too.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the visit! Was approved in this program, too ;) Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!


  3. Totally trying those sites! i just hope they'll approve my application too :)) love the glasses

  4. i clicked on the link to help get you some views from your blog :)

    and your blog is really cool!



  5. I' m gonna have a look niw.

    From Paris with love!

  6. hello! thanks for following back. :)
    hope we can be friends! :)))


  7. what is oasap?

    Thanks for dropping by. Are you Keith Sarona's sister? Followed.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. nope :)) I know him but we're not bro. and sis :)

      Oasap is a great online shop were you can find a lot of great women apparels! :) visit http://www.oasap.com !


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