Mario and Baifern.

It's raining cats and dogs outside. Good thing, coz it cools off the temperature around here. I want to experience again how it feels to lay in my bed warming myself with huge pillows and thick blankets.. rainy days :3 So excited for the month of June to come. I hope it would be as rainy as before by this year. 

Moving on, I checked my tumblr a while ago. I missed those times when I got addicted to tumblr around last year. I haven't posted in my tumblr blog these days when I shifted my attention here in blogger. I run four blogs in my tumblr. I have my own blog, my food blog, my private blog and my fan site of Mario and Baifern. I got addicted with the Thai movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love and I immediately made a page for them. I edited photos and made sure to design the page well. I recruited some other possible administrators for the blog coz I can't run it myself. Few weeks after I made the page, in an instant,  it got about 5,000 followers! Ain't that cool? It drove my determination to improve the page more until my OJT came and I went to Cebu. I wasn't able to administer the blog since then. I miss the times when I post my edited photos and after hours, it will reach up to 1,000+ reblogs and likes. Even though I wasn't present for the blog, the other admins that I assigned still managed to update the blog somehow. 

Feel free to follow my fan site of CLTCL on tumblr :) 

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  1. pimanchok! waaaaaaaaaaaaah! i love her forever! loved your blog btw!

  2. i love it when it's raining. The Philippine weather is just not what i really want. haha. let's follow each other dear! :D

  3. She's so stunning! ^^ Thank you for your information on my comment, but I can't find the link to sign up, mind to help me? :) Thanks!

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

    1. Sure! :) I just commented on your blog with the link :)

  4. she's so pretty <3

  5. your blogs are really nice

  6. Great blog! Congrats on the followers!


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