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Since last year, whenever I feel bored or lazy I watch movies or any of my favorite anime and series. Since then, I've been always looking for some other great things to watch especially now that almost all of my favorite shows are taking their season breaks. For the past months, here are some list of my favorite boredom killers.

Because of that, I'm currently looking for some other great series to watch. I'm starting to re-watch Vampire Diaries which I did not finished watching before. But I think I could not enjoy it since I am so full of watching about vampires, werewolf, witches and all that stuff which is all found in VD. I want to try some other genres. 

As for anime, I am so excited to watch the upcoming release of Fate Zero this coming April 15 :) At last! the long wait is over! Then I also have to watch Shakugan no Shana season 3 that has just ended a last month which means I can watch it without waiting for days to watch another of its episode.

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Do you have any series or movies to suggest? Please leave them below. I would like to explore a lot of shows  coz summer without OJT is so boooooring -.-  Thanks!


  1. Hello Em! :)

    I watched The Walking Dead some time ago and I quit after watching season 1. I find it boring. Don't slap me, alright? Hahaha!

    Fate Zero. The fight scenes are awesome. Enough said. :)

    1. haha LOL I wont! We all have different comments and I respect yours. I just do not know why do you find it boring.. :D

      Fate zero, absolutely great fight scenes! although I find some scenes full of conversations which makes it boring sometimes. :)


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