Birthday Celebration for my Superman!

What a busy day yesterday! busy preparing the food, cleaning the house and all. At last the guests have left around 9 pm and we already finished washing all the dishes and cleaning all the mess around. It always feels so happy when someone in our family is celebrating their birthdays for we all gather around in these times. To reunite and bond even for just a moment.

Anyways, it was out of the blue when my mom decided to give the responsibility of the birthday cake to me. I do not have the tip set and complete food coloring unlike before so I just used whatever I have. I also do not have any inspiration for the cake so I was just decorating whatever pops out in my mind. I was running out of time so I was not able to decorate properly and I didn't add any further decoration coz I don't want it to be girly and honestly, I was blanked out. I'm no expert so please ignore the border.

My father just turned 50 today. He doesn't want to let everybody know about that so I didn't put any age on the cake. I know, my writing sucks. Both handwriting and cake decorating -.- My parent's CFC came also some of my sister's friends.

A very tiring yet fulfilling day all in all. 


  1. belated happy birthday to your father!:)

  2. quite convenient for your family to have somebody who knows how to bake a cake. :)


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