Just Attended :)

Home from an hour trip to Bacolod (not Bacolod City). First time to attend a real wedding, yep you heard it right. I'm so newbie when it comes to socialized events. We have a small family that's why we don't often have big events like this. My first experience was during our case presentation in our English 4 subject; though it wasn't real, it was almost close from reality. I was assigned to be one of the bridesmaid but then I refused after knowing that the groomsmen are members of the Philippine Military Forces -.- I don't know why but I didn't like the idea  xD 

The wedding started at 10 AM. The wedding was not really that *bonggacious* but it was a heartwarming event. Got really envy with the photographers having their HD cameras hanging on their neck t.t Anyhoo, I still took photos of the event. Sorry for the low quality photos. hehe :P

With my cousin who replaced my slot as a bridesmaid. She almost cursed me for that xD

The reception was held at Mcboy Beach Resort, obviously I didn't know that. There were plenty of food, a lot of guests and the cool breeze coming from the sea. Feels so refreshing! Until the electricity went out *brown out* ruined the program a bit but then the event still managed to finish successfully. I didn't had the time took a lot of photos coz I was busy E.A.T.I.N.G :) 

I've been here a couple of times already. In fact, I celebrated my 16th birthday here with my family and some friends. Summer is on, I just felt that today. After almost a month stuck at home, I just felt the summer season , thanks to the wedding invitation :)

What a faaaaace! LOL 
Please hype! Thanks! :)


  1. i wish my wedding reception would be held at a beach resort too :)

    and that ... will be like 10yrs later HAHAHA

  2. I am always fascinated by weddings because of the fact that they mark the beginning of a new life as "one" for two people. And of course, I enjoy looking at the gowns of the bride, bridesmaids, and all secondary sponsors most especially. :-)

    I want to go to Bacolod! I've never really been to more Southern parts of the country, so it would be amazing if I could visit Visayas in the future! :-)

    P.s. I don't remember if I replied to your email asking if it's okay to put my link instead of my ad on your side bar. To answer your question, it's totally okay with me, dear. :-)

    1. I've been starring at the gowns actually. Thinking that I should have took the opportunity to be a bridesmaid :D
      It's not really in Bacolod City where the Maskarra Festival is. I mean Bacolod Municipality somewhere in Lanao del Norte :)

      Really?? I'm still not sure if I'll take out the banners, maybe they'll stay their for some more time :)

  3. Brown out? Good thing the couple did not show a sign of being hysterical. XD

    I've been thinking of getting married lately. The problem is the girl. Hahaha! The reception looks nice. And I agree from the above comments as well. Beach resort wedding and reception would be one in my wish list. :)

    1. Hahahaha! And guys who have girlfriends hardly think about marriage at all. how ironic. :)

    2. Brown outs are quite normal since we all experience it lately..
      Definitely! Beach weddings are simply cool :D

  4. Don't worry too much abt the photos. They're fine :)

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  5. Looks like a lovely day... I also got married 2weeks ago. :)
    I like your outfit too, very chic!! Xx

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  7. is this in misamis occidental??

  8. this is an event that we will forever treasure. best wishes to the newly wed. :) love your outfit! :)



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