The Blessing.

Super late post! x)

Anyways, I haven't mentioned anything about this. Last March 5, 2012 I went again ti their house but this time it was not just for some regular visit. I came to attend his mom's blessing with his step father. They do not really like the idea but they did not have any choices since it gives happiness to their mom. 

It started around 8 but I was pretty early to arrive at 7 AM :D not that I was excited but I just didn't like to be late especially that day. The ceremony was quite short and then I was able to meet his cousins, grandparents and all. The welcome was great, it was warm and I felt comfortable. I just hope I could introduce him to my family too. It's unfair if would not since I know his family well now and yet he didn't know mine. 

Moving on... here are some photos :)

I just do not have anything to post right now, good thing I remembered this and how long this post has been on my drafts xD I've been busy watching Shakugan no shana season 2 this days and then after that I still have to finish the book I've been reading the past month entitled "The Golden Cat" by Gabriel King and I also have to read Percy Jackson book two The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. 

That's it! :) Hope you had a great week guys! Happy weekend ahead! :) and HAPPY SUMMER!


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