Happy Monday!

I was not able to go to mass yesterday, I overslept =.= anyway, it's a rainy Monday and I feel really alone and bored and blanked out, etc. I've got nothing to do, really. 

I've read a few chapters of The Golden Cat and I'm already five chapters away to its end. I've been reading this book the entire semester until now and yet I'm still on chapter 15. I find it interesting though I do not really like cats up to now even though I have read a lot of good things about them in the book. Well, obviously because the book is about cats! but not just cats, but also other creatures and even humans. Not to mention the cause of all in the story which they call as Alchemist. Well the book is more of adventure, fictional and magical genre. It's a great book but I guess not that great for me maybe because I'm new to this reading books thing and this book is way complex for a beginner like me. It has also a book written ahead of it which is one reason why I do not understand some of its facts.

Another thing which keeps me alive during this boring days is watching movies and yes! anime :) I'm currently on the 16th episode of Shakugan no Shana II and on the 15th episode of Maid Sama :) hitting two birds in one stone eh? :p no choice, whenever the internet connection gets lazy, I watch Maid Sama which I copied from my friend Shanice and then Shakugan no Shana when the connection comes back. hehe xD


After these two anime, I have "another" to watch. I've read a lot of not only positive but excellent feed backs from anime gurus in the internet. It's a horror and a suspense type of anime which I like :) I like anime which fires me up! keeping my attention too close in each of its episode.

Have you watched this movie? :) from the title itself, it's about time leaping. I've been watching a lot of movies like this these days, about time travelling and I expect the same ending with all of them. I mean, they have different endings since they have different stories but the endings quite gives the same meaning. "Time waits for no one" as what this movie emphasized on me.This was based on a novel and I heard this was acted live too.

What a day! time flies so fast that we can't even notice it. I guess this is it for now. I haven't started yet my Project Summer! :P atik -.- no progress yet. And yes! before I forgot! It's April which means! Fate Zero Season 2 is almost up! :) hehe can't wait!:)

Have a blessed week ahead! <3


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