Hear Me =)

Hear Me

Another great Asian movie. Like Secret, this one is also a Taiwanese film. This is basically a movie which tackles about hearing incapacity. Almost all throughout the movie was soundless, only sign language was used but then in the end, things will get clear and you wouldn't expect what would it be. The girl is pretty but she's too skinny. She reminds me of Sandara Park back then when she was new as a celebrity here in the Philippines. They have exactly the same body frame and face structure. On the other hand, the boy is pretty cute :D he portrays the role of a guy who is willing to do anything for the girl. He goes crazy whenever the girl ignores him and he does everything for the girl he loves. 

It's a mix of romance, comedy and drama. Great movie in general. I love the parents of the boy. They are very supportive since they only have one child. I love how the actors and actresses portrayed their roles. Especially the parents which brings the comedy side of the movie. The relationship between the lead girl and her sister brought drama to the movie, they have the most amazing sister relationship. I envy them.. rots :)

I recommend you watch this :) although this one is totally different from Secret, both of these movies are amazing on their own ways.


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