Places I want to visit.

Good afternoon! :) What a gloomy and cold day. Had a long nap this afternoon and I feel like I haven't really done this for a long time. Anyways, I'm here again for my blog challenge. I always want to travel, if you have been reading my blog I know you know how much I want to travel the world. I mean the WHOLE WORLD :) but in particular, I have places that I want to go first than any other places. Some of these places are the most common places that people want to travel to. Here are the top destinations in my list!

South Korea
I'm fond of watching Korean Drama. I do not really had the idea of craving to go to Korea not until I saw Boys Over Flowers and recently City Hunter. Not only because they have great dramas and because of Lee Min Ho but also because they have amusing places.

Watching anime influenced me about this thing. I had my Nihonggo class last semester and I want to know Japanese culture better than just by its language. I believe they have a lot of amusing places which I want to explore.

Have you seen Crazy Little Thing Called Love? how about Hello Stranger? or The Memory? Thai movies gave a lot of contribution about me wanting to go to Thailand. They have unique culture and wonderful places. I also want to see Mario Maurer and Baifern :)

Considered as Asia's Venice! Remember this scene from Boys Over Flowers?? I love the series but this part was a tear jerker so skip..... hmm.. how about re watching BOF again? :)

Who does not want to stroll around the City of Love? this has been my ultimate dream since before. To be able to wander around this amazing city of lights/love. Someday..hopefully.

 New York
United States' most populated City, considered as the world's dance capital and widely celebrated in popular lore, featured frequently as the setting for books, movies and television programs. Who would not want to visit and revisit this place? :) I've seen a lot of movies with NY setting which inspired me a lot to experience  how it feels to wander and stroll around NYC.

Roam around on Italy's numerous heritage sites, shop on the home of the world's finest fashion houses namely Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, etc, read the fashion magazine Vogue Italia which is considered as the most important and prestigious fashion magazine in the world and savor Italy's finest cuisines! A place which one must not forget to visit! One day, I will! :p

Off course before anything else, I want to visit my country's amazing places before I go and visit those wonderful places I mentioned above. I would first wander, explore and experience the beauty and nature of the Philippines.. chos!

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  1. We are very much the same for these places to visit. I would like to buy a souvenir or two once I get to them. :)

    1. yeah! souvenir and don't forget to take lots of pictures!!! :)

  2. I want to go to Paris too! And New York and Italy! <3

  3. also longing for blissful travel!!

  4. I love your blog :)


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