Junior Master Chef's Finale + Coco's MMK

Have you seen JMC and MMK's episode last night??? it was superb! :D JMC bids farewell as they had their grand finale live. I have already expected that Kyle would won since he was consistent in the top spot. The others did well too and they did a good fight especially to Philip who almost got the title with only .7 difference from Kyle's score.

(left to right) Kyle, Mika, Jobim and Philip

(clockwise from top left) Asian Fusion Shrimp and Scallops by Kyle, Seafood Asian Noodles by Philip, Ricardo by Jobim and Gin-dori in Soy Mix with Seafood Furai by Mika.

Twelve-year old Kyle of Marikina was named the country’s first Junior MasterChef after leading the “Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition” finale’s two-part cooking challenge last night (Feb 18) with his oyster ravioli and Asian fusion shrimp and scallops, which had the judges raving. Kyle proved his culinary supremacy over fellow kiddie cooks Philip, Mika, and Jobim with an overall score of 91.8 points in the “Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition Finale: The Live Cook-off” at the Treston International College and took home the P1 million cash prize and P1.5 million worth of culinary scholarship.

The kiddie cooks’ live and final culinary battle, with the hashtag ‘#JuniorMasterFINALE,’ also became the most talked local topic on Twitter and the fourth trending topic worldwide. 

Right after JMC's grand finale was one of the dozens of MMK's superb episodes. MMK's Feb 18 episode entitled "Kamao" was one of the most rots carrots episode I've seen. Starred by Coco Martin, one of the country's most awarded actor. Brilliant, excellent, amazing, etc I can't find any words to describe him :D Can't find any screenshots of last night's episode but here's the trailer.

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  1. These kids really made the kitchen soo wild!
    How I wish I know how to cook too just like them.
    How bad! I know how to eat, but i really don't know how to cook cuisines like them. ahahahah


    1. yeaah!.. how I wish I was that good when I was in the same age as they are now...


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