Volunteering with friends :)

It's been a very amazing day! Being able to help once again to the victims of Typhoon Sendong, and the best part? I was with my high school friends whom I missed so much! although we were not complete, it was still a great day! We were actually expecting Aiza and Ivan to be with us but sadly they were not able to be there and we do not really know why :c anyways, there's always some other time.. One of my close friends during 1st yr high school Mary Jessie Rose Bas arrived yesterday and agreed to volunteer today. So she was with us and although she's not part of the gang, she was never an outcast coz we always welcome new friends :)  After volunteering for hours, we left the vicinity and then went to eat some Lomi :D right after that, we went to the mall just to roam around hihi :D

As we were on our way going out of the mall, we saw Apple my best friend and then we decided to go home together since we ride the same jeep. We went to some other places before going home. I missed her so much and I'm very thankful to be able to spent some time with her, although it was just for a while but I truly treasured every minute of it :)

All in all,although I did not saw him for the past days, my friends filled all of it. Giving me so much joy for today. I thank God for gathering us all, sharing beautiful and wonderful things together. I hope we would be able to gather together soon :) 


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