Christmas 2k11

From all the things that happened, I can't really think of anything to boost me to celebrate Christmas like before. With the typhoon that killed a lot of people, the problems arousing from financial, family and other terms, I cannot force myself and act like I'm having a great Christmas this year. I really wanted to celebrate Christmas to the fullest, I tried but it didn't really worked. 

Christmas eve, we went to my Grandfather's place. We ate dinner but then we immediately went home, not even waiting 12 to celebrate Christmas together. It was my mom's decision. I just do not know why we all have to sacrifice just because she's not in the mood -.- She slept when we arrived home. Wow, doesn't she know its Christmas? The only reason I know why she acted like that was because she got tired and pissed when we were getting ready and cooking. Hello! that's not a good reason. If she's tired and pissed of cooking and preparing for Christmas, then she should not be doing all of those things, we can order! Di nlang ta xa mgluto kung mgreklamo2 lng mn diay xa na gkapoy na xa, na xa ra daw galihok mski gtbang mi. Mutabang btaw mi, gbre kau msuko kung masaup mi, knsa gud pd gnhan mutabang ana -.- mkabwisit kau.

I really wanted to celebrate Christmas despite of those things that happened so my sister and I decided to have karaoke. We enjoyed it, well temporarily for me. It washed out for a moment the despair and foul mood I was feeling. It all started when we were not going well on our conversation on the past days for some reasons and then we do not have proper communication since he lost his phone. So until now, we're not really okay and that's one of the major reasons why I'm not having a happy time celebrating Christmas. But despite of all these things, I still thank God for everything after all, Christmas is not about receiving gifts or having a lot of food, its about celebrating Jesus' birth :)

Christmas day.. We went to my Mother's family side at Rupagan. It was nice but nothing much happened. It feels very refreshing being able to visit them and feeling the fresh air very opposite to what's here in Iligan.

Despite of all the things bothering me, Christmas is for Jesus so we must be thankful and happy! :D Merry Christmas everyone! :D


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